According to Myofunctional Research Company, Myobrace® is the newest and latest technology of orthodontic treatment.

Myobrace® is for all ages, from infant, teenage, youth, and adult. Myobrace appliances are used for one to two hours each day plus overnight while sleeping. It helps to correct jaw alignment. It is a treatment that has been proven successful by Myofunctional Research Co., in orthodontic correction without braces. This treatment has been proven to lead to better facial development in growing children. The key to this treatment is to correct the position and function of the tongue, obtaining correct nose breathing and retraining the oral muscles to function correctly.

Habits such as mouth breathing, incorrect lip and tongue function are major causes of crooked teeth. These issues continue through to the permanent dentition – generally requiring complex orthodontic treatment.

Since 1989, Myofunctional Research Co., have developed appliances that provide a more effective option for the growing child with orthodontic problems. The appliances are designed not only to straighten teeth, but also to treat the underlying causes of crooked teeth by correcting poor oral habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrust and incorrect swallowing patterns.

Unlike traditional orthodontic, the primary goal of MRC’s approach to treatment is to achieve straight teeth for life – often without the need for braces or retainers. Treating the causes of crooked teeth also improves general health and allows children to reach their maximum genetic potential.

Myobrace BnA

Myofunctional Research Company

The function of the tongue, cheeks and lips determine tooth position. Correct facial growth depends on correct function and breathing patterns. Myobrace® appliances effectively train the tongue to position correctly in the upper jaw, retrain oral musculature and exert light forces to align the teeth.
Myobrace® is designed with flexible material for use in more extreme starting cases and for improved patient compliance and comfort. They are air spring to allow gentle and active stimulation to the growing facial and jaw muscles. They train the tongue to position properly and prevent thumb sucking. The extended lip bumper discourages strong, overactive lip muscles.
In infants, Myobrace® helps provide solution for a child’s impulse to chew and relief for discomfort caused by teething. The tongue tag actively trains the child to position their tongue and swallow correctly. The tongue guard prevents tongue thrusting to strengthen the tongue and jaws. Myobrace® also correctly positions the tongue and jaw to promote correct nose breathing. (Company, 2016)