A crown is a type of dental restoration used to repair a tooth that is significantly damaged or decayed. Dental crowns are designed to completely cover the damaged tooth, beginning at the gum line, in order to protect and restore the tooth. A custom dental crown can improve the function, health, and beauty of your smile. Dr. Boettcher, your gentle dentist, may recommend a crown to improve your smile by:

  • Completing a dental implant
  • Anchoring a dental bridge
  • Improving the function and appearance of an irregularly shaped tooth
  • Enhancing the beauty of your smile
  • Strengthening a fractured or weakened tooth
  • Protecting a tooth following root canal therapy
  • Repairing a significantly decayed or damaged tooth

Dental crowns in North Platte, Nebraska are placed in just two visits to our relaxing dental office. Each crown is custom made to ensure that it fits your smile perfectly, and Dr. Boettcher will make any needed adjustments to better fit your bite. Crowns are often created from tooth-colored materials, such as porcelain, to match the color and appearance of your natural teeth. Porcelain is also a long-lasting material, so your crown will last for years to come. For more information on crowns, we invite you to call or visit our dental office.